Change Management
Our focus

        - Leadership and management
        - Decision making 
        - Management of uncertainty
        - Careers development and reorientation


A natural link
Coaching is naturally linked to change management. It has proven to be an excellent way to initiate and accompany the cascading of new strategic initiatives.

Whether the change is global or local, it constitutes always a discontinuity with the established status-quo, forcing people out of their comfort zone. From the Top Management to the company Operations, the natural resistance to change has to be carefully managed. This generally requires a combination of skills that are not always easy to pick on the spot, in the midst of a new mutating environment.

The Coach and the Management of change
An experienced coach can make a difference here by assisting key people along the way. 

This is what we do and our approach is definitely personalized. We envision our relationship with our clients as a partnership between equals, making clear to our "partners" they are not alone anymore. 

We provide strong support during the transition period, and help our partners to focus their attention on what really matters while constantly preparing for the next step.
When a partner is in front of an apparent dead-end, we know how to solicit new ways to see problems and execute strategies. Based on our experience we pride ourselves at saying we are the shortest way between what someone wants to achieve and achieving it.